The California Private Patrol Operator PPO license test
has a higher failure rate than the California Bar exam!

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Here's a peek at some unexpected PPO test question details:



california private patrol operator license testguaranteed private patrol operator test questions< < These badges are NOT allowed for use by PPO companies
study for california ppo practice license tests < < These patches are NOT allowed for use by PPO companies > > practice for california PPO license test

< < These badges are NOT allowed for use by PPO companies > >PPo test study materialspractice ppo license test questions

You will get a fine if you or your guards use any of these patches or badges.

But they are for sale at every uniform store!
So, if none of these badges or patches are allowed to be
used by PPOs or their security officers, who can use them?

(Call us for the answer to this actual test question now!)

If you are reading this, then probably you have already failed the PPO license test.
Maybe not even just once-- so many fail the test questions two, three, and four times.

Don't worry-- that is common. You probably had no idea what to expect.

And nobody taught you this stuff.

While you were busy guarding or protecting a location,
someone else was doing the duties that much of the test is about:
business - taxes - insurance -wages - BSIS reporting - and far more.


fail ppo license testpass the ppo license test

Starting today, it is your choice.


First step to passing:
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Next step to passing:
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BSIS PSI PPO examinationstudy for the CA Patrol examination

You need to know the answers to questions about
sexual harassment, taxes and immigration forms

How would you answer this:

car wash PPO license test question If a client tells an on-site guard to "Go wash my car", what should the guard do?
The correct answer may surprise you!

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